Note to self.

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2013.10.19 @ Home in Leslieville
On a mid day break from the commotion, this rescued daydreamer notes daily that we are not unlike a rubber band. The further we stretch to grow, the more we are pulled to revert. To level this pull is mastery.

Where to.

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2013.08.20 @ Yukon Inn, Whitehorse
This daydreamer took a stumble and realized that nearly face-planting actually afforded him a better look at the road he was walking on.


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2013.07.12 @ Mulberry Coffee House in Hamilton, Ontario
Her determined climb atop the hill was rewarded by the unassuming smiles of new friends.

Defining moment.

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2012.07.07 @ Home in Leslieville

We are meant to do that one thing that for just a moment blurs everything else into the background.

In stranger’s shoes.

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2013.06.14 @ Toy’s cottage in Richmond Hill
The world is reasonable to this daydreamer no matter the absurdity because when the sun rises everyone has his reasons.

Loud speaker.

May 24, 2013 § 3 Comments

2013.5.24 @ Home in Leslieville

This daydreamer is by far the most eloquent even without words. No matter which way she gets turned, she finds a way to face the bright side of the room.


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2013.5.4 @ Balzac’s Coffee in Liberty Village

In this moment of accolade, this pup recalls the time when he was rescued by the bravery of strangers.

(This drawing was inspired by the kind and heroic acts of two friends of mine that saved two puppies on the same day in two separate places.)

Unlikely celebration.

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2013.4.18 @ Home in Leslieville

Celebrate unlikelihood.

Own what you own.

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2013.3.5 @ Home in Leslieville

Might as well accept that when you’re tall you deal with flying objects.


January 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

2013.1.24 @ Home in Leslieville

This daydreamer remembers that the rain is just the blue sky doing laundry.

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