Giraffe in autumn.

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2012.1.30 @ Starbucks in Fairview Mall

Spent some time at the mall today doing some clothes shopping.  While looking around and trying things on I realize it is  best to play to your own strengths.  For example, some can pull off a scarf better than others.

This little bluebird.

January 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

2012.1.29 @ Home in Leaside

The most lovely thing about this beautiful bluebird is that she is unelaborate with her beauty.

Try like penguins.

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2012.1.28 @ Home in Leaside

The future belongs to the brave.

Clothes make the rhinoceros.

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2012.1.27 @ Home in Leaside

In anticipation of some rather refreshing events to come, it’s time for a better fitting suit.  Not sure if I’d look half as respectable in 1920s’ checkers as my weathered friend here though.

Without even trying.

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2012.1.26 @ Aroma Espresso in Shops at Don Mills

The definition of ‘elegance’ in the dictionary should be accompanied by pictures of cats.

Sweater on an elephant.

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2012.1.25 @ Ice 'N Cake in Shops at Don Mills

All dressed up, sharpened up, looking rather grown up.  Have a good trip my eidetic friend.

Got here early.

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2012.1.24 @ Tim Hortons in Leaside

The air is the cleanest after the rain.  The rhinoceros arrives early waiting for the sun to say ‘what’s been up, friend?’

Good beginnings.

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2012.1.23 @ Ice 'N Cake in Shops at Don Mills

Good things start with something in common.


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2012.1.22 @ Home in Leaside

The cat says to the Rhinoceros, ‘Nice jacket.’  The rhinoceros replies, ‘Nice coat.’


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2012.1.21 @ Home in Leaside

A penguin asks an elephant walking by, “Hey man, what’s it like remembering everything?” The elephant thinks a little and says, “Heavy.”

They share a good chuckle that night. In result, the birds got a bit warmer and the elephant felt a bit lighter.

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