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2012.3.26 @ Jabalpur Train Terminal, India
A set of useful instructions.

Simply happy.

March 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

2012.3.25 @ En route back to Jabalpur, India

Without a thing in the world these stray dogs showed me what happy is.

Bike pooling.

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2012.3.23 @ Tiger Heaven Resort in Bandhavgarh, India

While on the road to a tiger conservation area, I witnessed many examples of commuting efficiency. There seem to be at least three passengers to each vehicle at all times. Good stuff. I’m sure the goat agrees.

Thousand year smile.

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2012.3.22 @ Japalpur, India

While visiting a thousand temple the other day, I met a very kind caretaker who enthusiastically showed us around this precious landmark.  There was a contentment about him that is inspiring.


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2012.3.21 @ Khan residence in Jabalpur, India

Mid-day portrait sitting.

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2012.3.19 @ Khan residence in Jabalpur, India

Had the pleasure of meeting a nice family in a small rural town today.  They were very gracious and took the camera very seriously.

Wise dude wearing plaid.

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2012.3.18 @ Forest Station in Singraphur, India

A few days ago while visiting an ancient Hindu temple (over a thousand years old) in Bhojpur, I had the pleasure of meeting a very wise friend. He leaped from the trees and looked right at me as though he understands.

Wind in feathers.

March 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

20120315-233727.jpg2012.3.15 in Bhopal, India

We’ve been on the move a lot in the rural areas of India and sharing our roads are cows, motor bikes (with at least two people on them at all times), speedy vintage jeeps and massive ornate trucks like this one overstuffed with gigantic cargo sacks. They resemble muffins tops traveling at impressive speed and stature.

Although the ride these penguins are getting is rather precarious, they all agree eventually that a bit of faith can lead to beautiful things. So they relax, feel the wind in their feathers and whatever will be shall be.

Where to look.

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20120313-194704.jpg2012.3.13 @ Astoria Hotel in Mumbai

Looking up is better than looking back.

In circles.

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20120312-233616.jpg2012.3.12 @ Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India
Saw a huge flock of pigeons fly above me as I took in new surroundings.

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