A fruitful time.

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2012.4.28 @ Home in Leaside.

A series of clicks.

April 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

2012.4.25 @ Teaopia in Shops at Don Mills, Toronto
Daydreamer No.12 ponders just how miraculous it was to have come this far. In the very next moment, she lets out the most contagious smile.


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2012.4.23 @ Home in Leaside
Daydreamer no.11 wonders if he really is so square he has corners.

Leaving Las Vegas

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2012.4.19 @ Starbucks, Las Vegas
Thank you neon lights! It’s been a good run, but really looking forward to homecoming.

Got you (cake) on my mind.

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2012.4.17 @ Viva McDonalds, Las Vegas, NV
Had a craving for a leisurely slice of cake.

A delicate time.

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2012.4.13 @ Fashion Show in Las Vegas, NV


April 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

2012.4.3 @ Home in Leaside
Life is good for old Travis as he sports a much respected ‘ruff’ collar.

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