Go round.

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2012.6.28 @ Home in Leaside

The best part of the carousel ride is seeing the smiles of those who are glad to see us happy.

Finally, in character.

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2012.6.23 @ Ice ‘n Cake in Shops at Don Mills

Under a brilliant bright blue sky this test pilot daydreams no more and sinks into his role. He has never been more at ease doing what he does best so naturally.

No skip.

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2012.6.20 @ BNN Studio

As confetti dances down onto this daydreamer, she is suddenly convinced that the gem of every story is process.

Eidetic friend says.

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2012.6.18 @ Baldwin St. Cafe

Remember the good things.

Unit of measurement.

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2012.6.12 @ Little Nicky’s Coffee in Queen W.

My buddy Travis told me the other day that great smiles are served in dollops. It costs nothing he says and the reward is handsome.

Monday mornings.

June 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

2012.06.11 @ Novaera Bakery on Geary St.
It’s Monday morning. An ideal time to think of what’s ahead. This daydreamer wonders what if there is a way to improve on her personality instantly. What would she alter? How would life be different?

(Here marks the beginning of a new series of drawings. Coffee sleeves are also great canvases I realize.)

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