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2012.8.29 @ Home in Leaside

Note to self: Note yourself daily.

When in tallgrass.

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2012.8.12 @ Home in Leaside.

A weight is lifted from her shoulders as she figures out that heading in the right direction means running towards those who call out her name.

Roof over head.

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2012.08.06 @ Home in Leaside.

Take a deep breath and know that there is a sensible place to stand in any situation.

Twists and turns.

July 29, 2012 § 2 Comments


2012.7.29 @ Hotel Opera in Copenhagen

This otter begins to appreciate the chaotic order that plants demonstrate so well.

Grateful for absolutely everything.

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2012.7.11 @ Home in Leaside

Laughing for real is like receiving a gift we actually need.

Smile, we’re all still here.

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2012.7.2 @ Ikea in North York

The ‘should-haves’ and the ‘would-haves’ will never be greater than the ‘what-we-do-haves’.

Go round.

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2012.6.28 @ Home in Leaside

The best part of the carousel ride is seeing the smiles of those who are glad to see us happy.

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