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2012.5.17 @ Home in Leaside
Actions are braver and far more admirable than words. Here’s to you, the truly courageous.

A personal question.

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2012.5.13 @ Home in Leaside
The other day a clown asked this bluebird if she was happy. She replied gracefully, ‘As a matter of fact I am, because nights are growing warmer and many good days shall be upon us.’ Her optimism is inspiring.


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2012.5.10 @ Home in Leaside

Under a cloudy sky, this daydreamer can still see a few stars shining through. He listens to their distant whispers and learns that happiness is an intricate series of coincidences and every bit of it deserves recognition.

Looking forward.

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2012.5.8 @ Home in Leaside

General Jake reflects after a strenuous battle. He is grateful that the past has strengthened rather than hindered.

(Thank you Mr. Rembrandt if you are somehow reading this.)

Magic potion.

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2012.5.7 @ Tim Hortons, Shorting & Sheppard, Scarborough

In between sittings, this daydreamer is reminded that the only potion worth keeping on hand is kindness.

(Thank you Mr. Vermeer wherever you may be.)

Hold out your hands.

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2012.5.6 @ Home in Leaside

Good things we need are always falling from the sky whether we notice them or not.

(By the way, these wide-eye squirrels ate too many cocoa beans this evening.)


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2012.5.5 @ Home in Leaside

Her courage is better than ice cream.

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